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Turmeric and Eyesight

Some may wonder what the connection is between turmeric and eyesight.

Let’s first find out what turmeric is. It is derived from the root of the curcuma plant and it has a hard brown skin and flesh with a deep orange color. It is part of the ginger family. Curcumin is the main ingredient. Many are familiar with curry powder which is made from curcumin. Because of its natural yellow color it is found in mustards and chicken broth. It has been known as Indian saffron because of its uses and color. Actually it is less costly than saffron. Turmeric has been used in many Asian countries for textile dyes, as a spice and for medicine to fight infections and as an anti-inflammatory. It is used as a treatment for stomach and other disorders. It is even used to treat burns and cuts.

It is known that oxidation of the lens of the eye is one of the main causes of eye problems. Often this leads to cataracts. Many feel that taking turmeric decreases oxidation of the lens and therefore helps to maintain the health of the eyes. Used with water as a salve and applied to the eye is used for treating conjunctivitis and helps to reduce pain. A lotion referred to as Mamira is made from combining turmeric powder, camphor, and rose water. Applying this to the bottom lid helps with vision sharpness and is thoughtbelieved to reverse some kinds of blindness.

Turmeric is sometimes found in canned beverages, baked and dairy items, yogurt and ice cream, gelatins and cereals as a coloring agent. Annatto is sometimes combined with turmeric to color cheeses and margarine. It can be used to protect food products from sunlight.Turmeric is sometimes used in its fresh form but more often it is made into powder and is found in Far East recipes for making relishes. It has a bitter, peppery taste and a fragrance quite similar to that of oranges and ginger.

A supplement for treating eye disorders turmeric is available as an extract made into powder and also can be found as capsules. You may find it sold in combination with other substances such as glucosamine. There are other ingredients in turmeric besides curcumin that have some benefits. Although no major side effects have been reported, taking too many turmeric supplements can possibly increase your body temperature. It cannot be verified as yet that taking turmeric  along with prescription medicine can be harmful but there is the possibility that if you take  high doses it can lead to too much acid in the urine and problem with kidney stones.

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