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See Clearly Method

The See Clearly Method is designed to strengthen and enhance the flexibility of the eye muscles. Spending just 30 minutes a day doing eye exercises could relieve eyestrain. This usually involves making the eye change it’s focus from near to far. One simple way of doing this would be to hold a small object in your hand and slowly move it away from your face to ensure that your eye follows the object and retains focusing on it.

These eye exercises were published by Vision Improvement Technologies in the book entitled “The See Clearly Method.” Among the claims were that ‘glasses just treat symptoms, they don solve the problem’, that ‘premature aging is caused by the ciliary muscle not getting enough exercise’, that this method ‘restores focusing power naturally’.

An investigation into these claims by IIG (David Richards, Lead Investigator) was initiated in 2004. According to this investigative group the ones mainly targeted were those over 40 having difficulty focusing close up. When trying to accommodate vision from far to near becomes problematic and such capability is reduced the condition is known as presbyopia. The See Clearly book relates this problem to a weakening of the ciliary muscles. Richards pointed out that ophthalmic studies relate this to a gradual hardening of the crystalline lens of the eye due to the aging process and not a muscle problem. It was uncovered that background material for this book was based on a book, Improve Your Vision Without Glasses or Contact Lenses: A New Program of Therapeutic Eye Exercises.

Subsequent to this investigation in August 2005 a lawsuit was filed by the Iowa Attorney General against Vision Improvement Technologies for the’ misleading and unfair claims with their marketing for the See Clearly Method’. The official website has been a dead link since 2006. The kit including tapes and the manual is no longer available.

Despite this negative publicity, many are still convinced that eye exercises can improve vision. There is much stress and tension on the eyes today because of increased viewing of television and computer monitors. Exercises have been developed to relax the eye muscles which can have a positive effect on the optic nerves and the brain.

In addition to The See Clearly Method exercises, see articles on other eye exercises, such as, “Rebuild Your Vision”, the Bates method for improving eyesight and “Program for Better Vision.”

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